Zoriah's photography receives international press and his name and work have been seen alongside of master photographers such as Robert Capa, James Nachtwey, Phillip Jones-Griffith, Sabastiao Salgado, Don McCullen, Larry Burrows and many others. His work is recognized around the globe and his experiences have been written about on the pages of the worlds leading publications and documented for film, television and radio. When not working in the field, Zoriah is happy to give interviews for film, radio, telivision and print. For further information, please email the staff through the contact page

Photographs of Zoriah for PR
National Public Radio - KCFR
Michigan State University - Interview
In Harms Way - War
Politikken Denmark
The International Herald Tribune
Unicef  - Gaza's Children
Ventura County Star
The New York Times
Tugba Ekinci - Music Video
Blink 182
Revina AIDS Review  -
Fellowship of Reconcilliation  -
National Public Radio - Marketplace
Morepraxis Upper Room  -
Global Voices For Justice Interview
Warshooter - Tsunami then and
Suddeutsche Zeitung  - Gaza's
Democracy Now Interview
The Laura Ingraham Show
National Public Radio - KCFR
NPR On The Media
KPFK Pacifica Radio - Middle
KPFK Pacifica - fallujah night
Democracy Now
Ventura County Star
DR2 Denmark Interview
Fox News Interview
System of a Down -
Seperation Wall
Jeso New Babylon
Jeso End of Days
Russia Today Interview
NBC - Al Rojo Vivo
Tugba Ekinci - Music Video
National Public Radio - Marketplace
Photography in the Fine Arts
Mazin - Interview
The F Blog - Invited
Jordon Aguirre - Student Interview
Interview With A Humanitarian
The Denver Post - Travel
The Metropolitan  - Article
The New York Times
The International Herald Tribune
Healing Combat Trauma
Turkish Weekly
Michael Moore
Okinawa Times
James Robinson
In Harms Way - War